Hi! I’m Kristi, the girl behind the website. I’m so happy your here! I’m a Personal Trainer and Wellness Promoter at heart, Certified through the National Academy of Sports Medicine and Precision Nutrition. My beautiful family includes my husband John and 2 precious daughters!

DSC_4861-(ZF-4831-78230-2-006)Over 14 years ago, in the midst of figuring out Motherhood, I received a piece of advise that has served as my life’s motto and is the meaning behind the name “Perfectly Designed Wellness”

I’m a worrier by nature, so naturally the first year of becoming a Mother was FILLED with anxiety.  Always questioning my own judgement and blaming myself when things just didn’t go right. Until I received a simple email from a supportive friend. She closed her note to me with these powerful words; “she (talking about my new baby girl) is perfect in HIS design.” THOSE WORDS!!! It’s as if the whole world made sense, it just clicked! Somehow in my sleep deprived, completely overwhelmed, new Mommy brain I was granted the biggest “ah-ha” moment and a new perspective on life.

I believe in these words with 100% of my heart and have for the past 14 year! PERFECT IN GODS DESIGN! They run through my head daily and is the way I view not only my beautiful girls but the way we live our lives, right down to our food choices and decision to be a fit and active family. I hope to inspire you through these simple words too by sharing tips and tricks for living a balanced and healthy life. A whole foods, active, and faith based life. The way I believe we were created to live.