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An Easy & Healthy Summer Dinner Plan For a Busy Week!

Hello Friends – for next week’s dinner plan I went with as many easy and healthy meals as possible. We have been moved into our new house for over 2 months now, and are finally able to start working on some landscaping and I do not want to be bogged down with kitchen work.

So, next week’s meal plan includes an easy sheet pan dinner, a taco bake that I’m pulling out of the freezer, paninis that I might challenge the kids to make, and Sous Vide steak – which is a set it and forget it way to cook meat.

As far as my current diet – during the summer months – I keep my nutrition about 75-80% in check. That allows room to enjoy summer treats and evening cocktails without guilt.

I have found the best way to maintain balance in my nutrition during the summer months is to enjoy indulgent foods and drinks when there is a reason for it (aka. living in the moment) – backyard BBQ’s, weekend lake trips, pool parties, etc. are all places I will have the slice of cake or enjoy a cocktail or 2. But at home, when I doing my own thing, I keep my nutrition on point and as clean and lean as possible.

Here is what’s on the menu! Enjoy!

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