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7 Day Healthy Meal Plan + Grocery List

Head into your week with a healthy meal plan! 7 days of simple and healthy breakfasts, lunches, dinners + smoothies & snacks planned out with time saving prepping tips, recipes + a grocery list!

This easy to follow 7 day meal plan focuses on balanced nutrition to support weight loss, increase energy, and just make you feel good about what you’re putting into your body. And because I believe in all things balanced, I have even included a Friday night “cheat meal” and instructions on how to enjoy it without blowing your whole week or feeling guilty!!

I have organized this meal plan to run Saturday – Friday so that most of the prepping can be done over the weekend, however it can be adjusted to fit any schedule.

In this 7 Day Healthy Meal Plan you will enjoy foods like, Berry Walnut Oats, Protein Packed Salads, Turkey Burgers with all the toppings, and really yummy smoothies like the Nutty Mocha Latte and the Almond Butter Cup, along with many other tasty meals.

Batch cooking is how this meal plan will save you time in the kitchen, meaning several meals will be cooked or prepared in bulk leaving leftovers for future meals. This is the simplest way to set yourself up for a successful week of healthy eating and what I do ALL THE TIME! No need to set aside hours in the kitchen – just double or triple the meals you are already making and done!

I have also included an optional snack between lunch and dinner in addition to a morning smoothie that can be used as a pre or post workout meal. So feel free to have the smoothie whenever you see it fitting into your day the best. Aim to eat every 3-4 hours so you have constant and stable energy all day long!

So why the optional snack??? Here’s the deal, there is NO need to be hungry just because you have chosen to follow a “clean eating” lifestyle. In fact, you will notice that the more nutrient dense food you put into your body, the less calories it will require and the more satisfied you will feel! That’s the beauty of eating whole foods! They give your body what it needs and in turn tells you when you’ve had enough. A “Perfectly Designed” system wouldn’t you say?

Ever noticed how hard it is to overfeed a baby?? When they are done they’re done, but when they are hungry – watch out! Ever wonder why? The reason is simply this – being completely tuned into their hunger cues. Babies have not yet experienced all the highly processed foods that completely turn these cues off and mess up our minds ability to know when to stop. They listen and respond.

Learning to listen to your body and your hunger cues is such an important and exciting part of clean eating. If your body is telling you “yup, I need food, I’m hungry” then EAT!!! If your body is saying “nope, I’m good, I’ll wait till my next meal,” perfect! Do that! But having a plan for that afternoon crash or mid-morning hunger is so important!

I recommend having healthy snacks planned out and available, then if you decide you don’t need them, great, save it for another day. Example – maybe Saturday you are running around like crazy – and find you need a few extra calories before dinner or maybe on Monday you’re sitting in your office all day and you’re still full from the last meal….good – either way you’re covered! Let you body decide if it needs that extra snack.

So here you go!!! Download this

7 Day Healthy Meal Plan + Grocery List!

You are about to have one healthy week!

****note – the plan is set up for 1 person’s meals for the week. So if you have a family to serve just double the plan according.

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2 thoughts on “7 Day Healthy Meal Plan + Grocery List”

  1. Perfect timing to start getting me prepped for my next go at this clean eatting. I know i need it, my body is failing me again.


  2. Your awesome !! I love your passion and I love being your test subject for new meals. I’m not sure how you make healthy taste so good !!


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